Friday, July 1, 2011

Product Photography for the Lookbook and Design Development!

We’ve been shooting product photos to incorporate into a new lookbook/catalog for Chantal.  With this, when Marcella, a designer working with Nest, gets here at the end of July to lead a product development effort, Chantal’s current production ideas and capabilities will have been compiled and detailed so that they can be improved upon. Development will include but is not limited to the newly acquired liner that will make her bags much more durable and practical, incorporation of seasonal trends in terms of batik motifs and colors, experimenting with new batik stamps, using the better fabric from Ghana with which the dye is much more vibrant, and recycling batik scraps to make beads and jewelry. Ideally we will distribute the catalog to promote Aklala locally, reach Kpalime’s large tourist and expatriate market, and provide Nest visual collateral to show prospective ethical sourcing clients. Improved product design translates to more appeal and marketability for her products, which translates into more demand, and then more profits for Aklala. Increased profits provides the women higher wages more aligned with fair trade standards, and allows for construction of the workshop and apprenticeship program, both of which are integral for her intended business expansion.

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